Car Loans

Car Loans

Your new drive is here!

Whether you’re looking for a new or used car, we simplify your journey simple, helpful, and contactless with fast endorsement.

Gift yourself a new or utilized vehicle with our simple credits, adaptable installment choices,and low insurance rates.

Minimal documentation

Flexible repayment options

Enhanced loan multiples

No Branch visits required

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Fixed Deposit Car Loan


Credit reimbursement in as long as 60 months

Financing of up to 80% of the vehicle cost including accessories

Business Vehicle Loans


Borrow up to 90% of your fixed deposit amount.

Maximum tenure of 48 months.

Commercial Vehicle Loans


Up to 90% of equipment cost and insurance coverage

Maximum loan tenor of 48 months

Why should you get a loan with Us?

Preferred pricing on pre-owned car

Credit card with no annual fees

Lower interest

Easy documentation

Apply for Pro Banking Loan and Be essential for the most imaginative bank in the region

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“Pro Banking UAE is the best provider for vehicle finance”

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